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  • Best Seller - Disposable Surgical Pulse lavage systems

    Disposable Surgical Lavage System is designed to irrigate, wash , and evacuate debris from general soft-tissue and orthopedic surgical sites ( for soft-tissue wound or bone debridement ,site cleaning ,bone cement residue removal ) with a pulse jet of sterile fluid ( saline ) . Applicable Scope: Wound debridement of orthopedic surgery, marrow cavity cleansing, soft tissue debridement, surgical parts cleansing in orthopedics and trauma cases.


  • Arab Health 2020 in Dubai

    Arab Health 2020 in Dubai

    Arab Health 2020 in Dubai is coming closer and closer, we will attend it again like last sevaral years.  Here are the details about our exhibition Arab Health 2020 Booth No.: Z7-E34 Date: Jan. 27th – 30th, 2019 Location: Dubai World Trade Centre (Dubai Exhibition Centre), UAE You will be w...
  • Medica 2019 – Düsseldorf, Germany

    Medica 2019 – Düsseldorf, Germany

    MEDICA 2019 Booth No.: 71F30-3 Date: Nov. 18th – 21st, 2019 Location: Düsseldorf, Germany Thank you the cooperators who come to our booth for a meeting. Thank you the future cooperators who come to our booth for a talk. Thank you the ones who are interested in orthopedic products for giving...
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