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How to use Nebulizer Mask?

Author: admin / 2022-10-14

The atomization particle size of the atomizer mask is directly related to the atomization effect, which is small (less than 2.5 μ m) The atomized particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and pulmonary alveolus. The specification parameters provided by manufacturers generally have marks indicating the size of atomized particles. The marks of atomized particles generally involve the particle size, average particle size (MMAD), average median size (MMD), etc.


There are two main atomization principles used, one is ultrasonic atomizer, the other is compression atomizer.




Ultrasonic atomizer: use ultrasonic principle to atomize liquid medicine.


The spray of the ultrasonic atomizer has no selectivity to the aerosol particles, so most of the drug particles generated can only be deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the mouth and throat, and because the amount of deposition in the lungs is small, it cannot effectively treat the lower respiratory tract diseases. At the same time, due to the large size and fast atomization of fog particles generated by the ultrasonic atomizer, patients will inhale too much water vapor, which will wet the respiratory tract. The dry and thick secretions in the respiratory tract that originally blocked the bronchi will expand after absorbing water, increasing the resistance of the respiratory tract, which may lead to anoxia. In addition, the ultrasonic atomizer will make the liquid medicine form droplets hanging on the wall of the inner cavity, which has poor effect on lower respiratory tract diseases and a large demand for drugs, Causing waste.




Air compression atomizer: also called jet atomization, is based on the Venturi spray principle, which uses compressed air to form a high-speed airflow through a small pipe orifice. The generated negative pressure drives liquid or other fluids to spray onto the barrier together, and splashes around under high-speed impact to make droplets become aerosol particles and spray out of the outlet pipe.


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