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Disposable Surgical Lavage Systems

Author: admin / 2021-08-27
Surgical Lavage Systems have become international standard irrigation devices in orthop-edic (departmentjoint, trauma, spine), wound debridement and other surgical irrigation since creation. The Surgical Lavage System is a sterilized device, it is designated to irrigate, wash, and evacuate debris from general soft tissue and surgical sites(e.g., for soft-tissue wound or bone debridement, site cleaning, bone cement residue removal) with a pulsatile jet of sterile saline luid. It is easy to be controlled and operated. The effective removal of foreign material, bacteria, tissue debris, hematoma from the wounds would be helpful to reduce the secondary injury around the normal tissue, reduce the risk of infection. As single use surgical lavage systems have the function of irrigation and negative pressure suction simultaneously, which can timely & effective clean tissue debris and polluted fluid, effectively prevent the spread of pollution sources.
The systems have become essentiat in joint arthroptasty procedures, it is widely applyed in trauma orthopedic and surgical department. Especially in total hip and total knee arthroplasty procedures, surgical lavage systems are essential. As it can enhance the osmotic permeation between bone cement and osteotomy sclerotin, reduce the incidence rate of fat embolism caused by overftlow of fat and sclerotin in the course of irrigation.
The surgical lavage systems, produced by our company, are adopted by Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and other well-known orthopedic hospitals.
It meets the clinical requirements.