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Should I Use a Mask or a Mouthpiece For Aerosol Inhalation Treatment?

Author: admin / 2022-12-02

Nebulized inhalation therapy has less dosage, good therapeutic effect, and the treatment process is easy and painless. Various excellent research data make nebulized inhalation therapy the most recommended treatment method for respiratory diseases by doctors, and household portable nebulizers have also become an effective treatment method. Just needs of children's families.

Yesterday, the customer service of Ruikang Medical received such a question: You have a mouthpiece and a mask in your package, what is the difference? Which accessory should I use for nebulization therapy for my child?

Today we will talk about the difference between mouth suction and nasal suction in atomization therapy and the choice of atomization tools. You can choose the appropriate atomization accessories according to the actual situation.

About atomizing mouthpiece

1. The air volume of our mouth breathing is much greater than that of nasal breathing. Using an atomizing mouthpiece for atomization can effectively avoid the loss of drugs, and make a large amount of drugs deposited in the lungs. The therapeutic effect is remarkable, which is what we often say " directly to the lesion".

2. It is better to choose an atomized mouthpiece for throat diseases. The medicine does not pass through the nasal cavity and is not blocked by multiple parts of the nose. The medicine can directly contact the lesion.

3. For lower respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc., using a mouthpiece for atomization treatment can make the drug better deposited in the alveoli and small airways.

About Respirators

When using a mask, drugs will pass through the nasal cavity and oral cavity, and the oral cavity is the main one. Compared with the atomizing mouthpiece, the deposition rate of the drug is relatively low, but it is reasonable if it exists. Please choose the atomizing mask for the following people——

1. It is safer and more convenient for infants and young children to use masks with atomization. It is inconvenient for younger children to use the mouth because they do not cooperate with the treatment or resist foreign objects in the mouth. Parents can choose an atomizing mask to atomize the child, and the effect will be better.

2. Similarly, it is safer and more convenient for elderly patients to use nebulization masks.

3. People who are accustomed to using atomization masks.

The choice of mask and mouthpiece can be decided according to the above suggestions combined with the actual situation.


1. Mouthpieces and masks are personal hygiene consumables and should not be shared with others to avoid cross-infection;

2. Mouthpieces and masks should be carefully cleaned and disinfected before and after use during treatment;

3. Please discard it after the course of treatment and do not continue to use it to avoid repeated infection.

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