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Surgical Application of Electrosurgical Pencil

Author: admin / 2022-12-09

To achieve the desired effect on the target tissue, the surgeon modifies the electrical waveform. This can be achieved with an electrosurgical generator. Surgeons use different types of electrical current to achieve different results. The procedure is as follows:

Drying - ESU drying is achieved when the electrode is in direct contact with the tissue. By touching the tissue, the current concentration is reduced. This can be used in minimally invasive surgery.

Electrosurgical – ESU electrosurgical searing and coagulation of large areas of tissue. The surgeon adjusts the duty cycle to about 6%, so less heat is generated. This results in the creation of a clot rather than evaporation of the cells.

Cutting – ESU cutting splits tissue with an electric spark that focuses intense heat on the targeted area. Surgeons create this spark by holding the electrodes slightly away from the tissue.

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