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What is an Electrosurgical Pencil and how does it help surgeons?

Author: admin / 2022-04-15

Electrosurgical pencil is a medical device used to fulgurate, coagulate, cut or dissect biological tissue by the applying electric current. It uses Radio Frequency Alternating Current or RFAC. Electrosurgical pencils are versatile and can suit all operating needs as they come with universal size connector that makes it compatible with most branded electrode tips. ESU Pencils are used in all surgical disciplines. Some of them are – Cardiothoracic, Neurological, Gynecological, Orthopedic, Cosmetic and as well as certain Dental Procedures.

  Cautery electrodes are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the surgeon's requirement. Electrosurgical pencils can be operated either by hand or foot and are reusable and also come in disposable variants. ESU Pencils give surgeons the ability to control cutting and coagulation settings by buttons or switches.

  Misconceptions about Electrosurgery

  People often confuse “Electrosurgery” with “Electrocautery”. The latter uses direct current while electrosurgery uses alternating current. Only the heated wire is in direct contact with the tissue in Electrocautery. On the other hand, in electrosurgery patient is part of the circuit and the current passes through their body. That's why during electrosurgery, electrosurgical pad or plates are used to ground the patient's body.

  Medikabazaar provides Electrosurgical pads free of cost with both variants of electrosurgical pencils, i.e. Disposable and Reusable. Electrosurgical pads are cost-effective, leave no residue on the body, supply consistent thermal distribution, and can be easily removed without damaging the delicate skin.

  Surgical Applications of Electrosurgical Pencils

  To achieve the desired effect on the target tissue, surgeons modify electrical waveforms. This is possible by electrosurgical generators. Surgeons use varying types of currents to achieve various outcomes. The procedures are as follows:

  Desiccation – ESU Desiccation is achieved when the electrode is in direct contact with the tissue. By touching the tissue, the current concentration is lessened. This can be used for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

  Fulguration – ESU Fulguration chars and coagulates the tissue over a wide area. Surgeons adjust the duty cycle to about six percent, which yields less heat. This results in the creation of coagulum and not cellular vaporization.

  Cutting–ESU cutting divides the tissue with electrical sparks, which focuses intense heat on the target area. Surgeons create this spark by holding the electrode a little away from the tissue.

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