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What is Pulse Cleaning

Author: admin / 2022-04-02

Pulse usually refers to a short-lived electrical impulse (voltage or current) like a pulse that is often used in electronic technology. The main characteristics are waveform, amplitude, width and repetition rate.

A pulse is a signal that occurs for a short period of time over the entire signal period relative to a continuous signal, with no signal for most of the signal period. Just like the pulse of a person.

Now generally refers to digital signals, it is already a signal half the time in a cycle. The signal in the computer is the pulse signal, also known as the digital signal. In addition, pulses are also used to express thoughts and emotional impulses and demands.

Pulse cleaning is to use pulsating water flow under a certain pressure to wash the wound tissue, and the bacteria in the wound will be removed by the oscillation of the pulse water flow. The main equipment required for pulse cleaning is a pulse cleaning instrument.

Features of the pulse cleaner:

1. Pulse flushing: Pulse flushing relies on the oscillating action of pulsed water flow to separate the bacteria and dirt in the wound from the tissue, which is easy to be completely removed. Studies have shown that pulse cleaning is more than seven times more capable of removing bacteria than conventional cleaning methods.

2. Adjustable flushing pressure: It has suitable medium, high and low pressure settings, and can make reasonable clinical choices according to different wound surfaces and surgical requirements.

3. Adjustable flushing flow: it has an ideal flushing flow setting, which is fast and effective according to different surgical flushing requirements, and shortens the surgical flushing time.


Extended information:

Product advantages of pulse cleaner:

1.The debridement is simple and effective, which can reduce the secondary damage caused to the wound surface and shorten the debridement time.

2.It can reduce the chance of cross infection caused by traditional debridement and cleaning.

3.Make the surgical field clearer and reduce postoperative infection.

4.Prevent tumor cells from being broadcast during surgery.

5.It can create a good bone interface, which is convenient for the effective implantation of orthopedic implants.

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